Q:What is Teacher - Child ratio in the class?

Ans:To ensure optimum learning in the classrooms Teacher-Child ratio of 1:10 is maintained.

Q:What is the curriculum ?

Ans:The Curriculum comprises of a balanced blend of the renowned Montessori Method, Waldorf Approach, Play way Approach, Phonetics as well as Quality Circle Time from experts in the field of Preschool education.
Our curriculum has been designed exclusively for an all-round development of the child, taking in to account their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensorial abilities.

Q:Is there any exams interview for the admission process?

Ans:No, TCK does not believe in entry barriers to quality education. Our belief drives us to accept all children and help them to be best of themselves.

Q:Does TCK follow any of the board's?

Ans:Actually, at this level of Education it does not directly relate to any of the Boards, as mentioned above. We have assured that the child will get the overall development based on our content and curriculum designed by our experienced R&D Team.