Pre-School Opportunities

The pre-school segment is the newest but a popular and flourishing entry into the education industry of India. With increased awareness and affordability amongst parents, the demand of good pre-schools is on a steep rise.

The new-age parents acknowledge the rise in competition in education and that prompts them to plan their child’s future from early years on. There is also a growing global agreement that preschool education is vital to a country's sound education system.

Here is your chance to become part of one of the leading preschool in India, Child's Kingdom. Child's Kingdom as a brand stands for loyalty, trust and faith and helps drive performance while never compromising in the response to competitive changes.

As a Child's Kingdom owner you will have a rewarding and challenging career where you’ll see the results of your caring and creative efforts every day.

  • Huge Potential between 2-6 yrs age group.
  • Increased awareness of Parents about preschools
  • Steady Income Opportunity for Franchisee
  • Unorganized market with several non-branded players
  • Portfolio preparation, Spoken English module
  • Lack of Indian Culture Integration in Curriculum
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