TCK is a completely integrated holistic organization whereover all development of a child is emphasized which prepares the child for LIFE.

  • The curriculum is a proper blend of Montessori + Play way + Waldrof
  • The Child’s Kingdom has designed its curriculum based on a unique 3 tier learning system Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Methodology
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Muskiva (Music + Skills + Values).


Music where Children love movement and when they are listening to music, they are swaying, bouncing, dancing, marching and clapping. They are fun at the same time developing important motor skills.


Skills In preschool, children learn about the world through play. Attention span, Early reading skills, Early writing skills ,Creativity, Listening skills, Problem-solving skills, Communication skills, Social skills, Early math skills, Fine motor and Gross motor.


Character building, teaching morals, teaching respect and manners are essential core of life. When the timing is right the ability to learn

Field Trips

The thrilling part of life is a journey to a new destination to explore the world around them. The field trips are designed in such a way where there is no end to learning.
Field trips are not only lots of fun but they can also be very valuable learning experiences for young children. They can help) Behavioural attitudes build background knowledge and vocabulary that are important for success in school and life.
We are different as we take this journey through New Ideas and Innovations.The Child Kingdom programis built to provide childrenthe right stimulation for their age.
The right balance of learning and fun is combined to ensure an overall development of children.The programs are designed to encourage curiosity and fuel the creative side of kids.